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Dec 23, 2007

Government should monitor to arising issues in Selangor

Daim was quoted in a Chinese daily as saying that the Government should pay more attention to the three states ahead of the upcoming general election.

In an exclusive interview with China Press, Daim had said that based on his findings and feedback gathered from the people, the Government should give priority in resolving existing issues affecting the three states before the general election.

Daim: Says middle-income group in Selangor unhappy with certain govt decisions
He pointed out that the middle-income group in Selangor were generally unhappy with certain decisions made by the Government.

Daim was quoted as saying that the Penang government’s policy had always come under public scrutiny, and that complaints and demands should be taken seriously to avoid a wind of change in the next general election.

Abdullah also expressed “delight” that more than 87% of free textbooks had been distributed to schools. |more...|


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