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Nov 28, 2008

Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran meninggal dunia

Timbalan Menteri Pelajaran Datuk Razali Ismail meninggal dunia di Institut Aminuddin Baki, Genting Highlands kira-kira 6.30 petang tadi. Beliau di katakan mati mengejut ketika bermain badminton di Institut tersebut.

Dalam pilihanraya umum Mac lalu, beliau menewaskan Naib Presiden PAS, Mohamad Sabu dan calon bebas, Maimun Yusuf.

Razali menang dengan majoriti tipis 628 undi. Allahyarham mendapat 32,562 undi, manakala Mohamad memperolehi 31,934 undi.

Maimun, seorang nenek yang dipercayai calon paling tua, pula mendapat 685 undi.
Rujuk berita Malaysiakini

1. Alfatihah .. dan semuga rohnya di cucuri rahmat.
2. Che maimun .... mungkinkah bertanding lagi kali ni?

Don’t leave us out, pleads PKR Youth

Thenutgraph | Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) does not want to be left out by the main body of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), says AMK chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin.

He urged the party leaders to include the youth wing in the parent body's plans.

"AMK wants party members, including those from AMK, to be given equal opportunities and not be sidelined based on all sorts of excuses.

"Make objective decisions. If qualified, give (us) the opportunity. If training is needed, then provide training. Don't keep giving us the excuse that (we are) inexperienced," he said in his speech at the fourth AMK national congress.

Shamsul then warned the Pakatan Rakyat state government not to be involved in corrupt practices or the misuse of public funds.

He said if they did so, there would definitely be another round of reform made by the rakyat in the future.

"There is no reason for the people to choose us if we are just the same as Barisan Nasional.

"The people wanted change and thus they rejected those who tried to stop them," said Shamsul.

Sah ... opah Pidah memang gila kuasa

Pengumuman 4 Ogos didakwa cetus perpecahan

| Perpecahan dalam Wanita Umno tercetus sejurus selepas Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz membuat pengumuman mengejut mengenai peralihan kuasa pada Jun 2009 di hadapan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi pada 4 Ogos lalu, dakwa seorang exco Wanita.

Menurutnya, Rafidah membuat pengumuman tersebut dalam majlis Wanita bersama pemimpin, di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) yang dirasmikan oleh perdana menteri.

Kira-kira 600 pemimpin Wanita, termasuk ketua Wanita bahagian dari seluruh negara menghadiri program sehari suntuk itu.

Exco Wanita itu yang tidak mahu namanya disebut memberitahu, ramai pemimpin Wanita terkejut dengan pengumuman Rafidah.

"Saya lihat ramai yang terdiam, dan tidak ramai yang tepuk tangan. Mungkin orang tidak tahu apa yang berlaku.

"Tetapi sebaik sahaja Abdullah selesai berucap merasmikannya, pemimpin Wanita mula bercakap mengenai pengumuman Tan Sri Rafidah itu."

Perdana menteri juga katanya, tidak mengulas langsung tentang pengumuman peralihan kuasa oleh Rafidah itu.... more.

PKR Youth want bigger role in government

malaysiainsider | ..."PKR Youth wants party members, including from the youth wing, to be given fair opportunity and not brushed aside. Decide objectively. If they are qualified give them opportunities. Train them if necessary," said Shamsul to loud applause from about 600 delegates.

"We must not be fooled by BN members and leaders who switch their allegiance to continue grabbing all the opportunities, without accepting our values," stressed Shamsul.

At a press conference later, Shamsul denied that he was hinting that priority should be given to party members when awarding government contracts.

"I said opportunity in the widest sense of the word, not just business opportunity. Opportunity in government machinery and education institutions. But what's wrong with business opportunity if it is beneficial to the people?" said Shamsul.

He said that his request was also not an admission of the PR governments' failure in bringing about change but a reminder to speed up the process.

"We feel that changes have been slow and we want it faster. So we need people who understand our values and our struggle, so this victory can be translated into action," said Shamsul.

PR-controlled governments have been extra cautious in awarding government contracts to avoid accusations of continuing with the BN style of governance.... more.

PKR Youth reminds states to honour promises

He said there was no reason for the people to elect PR into power if the coalition was just like the BN administration.

“If the PR state leaders are hesitant, scared to make changes or afraid to take risks, then we have no choice but to call for internal changes by replacing them with leaders who have the ability to lead and make decisions,” he said in his policy speech.

Shamsul said many PKR leaders had high qualifications in various fields, and questioned why they had not been absorbed to play a more prominent role in the state governments’ operations.

He urged the Selangor government to reconsider its stand to sell state land directly to developers, saying that although the move brought about higher returns to the government, it affected poorer entrepreneurs who have the expertise and ability in the field.... more.

'LIVE' dari Stadium Melawati


Rude, crude and obnoxious - the BN brand MP

malaysianinsider | He is untouchable. He can use swear words with impunity. He can spray sexist comments in the chamber and use sexual innuendo when he sees fit.

Judging by proceedings in Parliament since the March 8 general election, Datuk Tajudin Rahman, the Barisan Nasional MP for Pasir Salak can pretty much do as he pleases.

He is also living proof that some of the lessons of Election 2008 are being ignored and tossed aside by elected representatives. A walking advertisement that, despite being decimated in five states and having its customary two-thirds majority in Parliament taken away, arrogance and pride still courses through the veins of ruling coalition members.

More troubling perhaps for the average Malaysian is that Tajudin Rahman’s boorish behaviour is a reflection of the reality here – that the winds of change ushered in by the events of March 8 have begun to wane and that Malaysia is settling down once again to a state where apathy and fatigue reign.

Where the public feigns outrage at excesses of politicians and the government, then do a collective shrug of their shoulders and put it down to the way of life here.....

..... Tajudin was asked to withdraw his comments and went on his merry way. Yesterday, he scored a hattrick. The skirmish happened when the House was debating a motion by DAP’s Teo Nie Ching to cut the Education Minister’s salary by RM10 for failing to meet his promises on vernacular schools.

Within minutes of the motion, a shouting match ensued between MPs from BN and Pakatan Rakyat.

During the uproar, Tajudin called Kulasegaran “keling’’. Several minutes later, he labelled PKR’s Azmin Ali as a “biol” (dumb).
... more.

Ketam Siam suruh anak jalan lurus

Reject money politics, says Mat Taib
Star | Reject leaders who practise money politics – this is the message that Umno will bring across to its members in the run-up to the party elections in March.

Its information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said the party would utilise all its briefing sessions to explain the ills of money politics.

“We will tell delegates to the party general assembly not to vote for those who are using money to get the votes. Even if they had already accepted money or other favours from that particular leader, they must not vote for him,” he told The Star yesterday.... more.
Anak ketam : Bapak ni bodoh ke ... mana boleh adik jalan lurus
Bapak ketam : Bapak tak kira ... jalan kena lurus, nanti orang nampak kita jalan sengat, tak cun ...
Anak ketam : Bapak aku ni gila ke [dalam hati]

Takeover plan is still on: Dr Syed Husin

Star | ...PKR has decided to talk less about its bid to take over the federal government from Barisan Nasional but “it’s still very much on,” said deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali.

He said the party had learnt its lesson that when it talks about dates to take over this only “alerts undesirable elements” about it.

“So now we do not talk much about announcing dates or announcing a takeover. We talk less about it but try to do more about it. It’s still very much on. We are prepared for change. It might come earlier (than the next election),” he told reporters Friday at a press conference.

He was asked if Pakatan Rakyat expects to take over the federal government by Dec 8, a new date the party had set after it had missed its previously self-imposed deadline on Sept 16.... more.

Bersihkan anasir BN dari negeri Pakatan

malaysiakini | Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) menggesa kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di lima negeri dengan tanpa banyak alasan segera "membersihkan kerajaan negeri daripada anasir BN".

"AMK dengan ini memberikan peringatan kepada kerajaan-kerajaan negeri Pakatan Rakyat. Jangan berdolak-dalik dengan seribu satu alasan. Pembersihan kerajaan daripada anasir BN mesti dilaksanakan tanpa bertangguh," kata ketuanya Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin.

"Kita tidak boleh terpukau dan terpedaya dengan pemimpin dan ahli BN yang bertukar kulit hanya semata-mata untuk terus membolot peluang, tanpa menghayati falsafah perjuangan kita, tanpa menunjukkan komitmen untuk menghayati prinsip-prinsip perjuangan yang kita dukung."

Shamsul Iskandar mengkritik kerajaan gabungan PKR, DAP dan PAS yang didakwanya "cuai melaksanakan janji" untuk membuat pembersihan dalam pentadbiran "sehingga ke akar".

"Sekarang rakyat telah memilih kita. Rakyat mahu kita melakukan perubahan. Salah satu perubahan yang telah kita janjikan ialah untuk membersihkan kerajaan daripada kebobrokan Umno-BN.

"Kenapa setelah rakyat memberikan kita amanah, kita cuai untuk melaksanakan janji ini?" katanya ketika menyampaikan ucapan dasar ketua angkatan muda PKR dalam kongres tahun pergerakan itu di Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam hari ini.... more.
Hemmm.. hemmmm ..... Menteri Besar mana yang kena ni. Kalau tak perasan gak ... memang bangang. Bangang pun nak jadi menteri besar.

'Konsep Ketuanan Melayu tak lagi relevan'- Soi Lek

Bharian | ...."Rakyat kini tidak lagi dapat menerima konsep bertunjangkan hubungan antara tuan dan hamba. Kita tidak menolak kepemimpinan Melayu, tetapi tidak akan dapat menerima konsep Ketuanan Melayu.

"Negara ini perlu berubah dan maju ke depan, bukannya terus hidup dibayangi masa lampau. Apabila kita menolak Ketuanan Melayu, ia bukan bermakna kaum lain mencabar hak keistimewaan orang Melayu kerana ia termaktub dalam Perlembagaan dan tidak boleh diganggu-gugat pada masa ini," katanya ketika menyampaikan syarahan bertajuk Perubahan Politik di 'Kancil Speaker Series', di sini, semalam.... more.
Satu kuntau dari MCA buat Pekida dan Pewaris ....
Arwah ... .wakakakakak
Laaa ... aku cakap sorang ghupe nye.... diorang dah lari ... wakakakak

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