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Jan 25, 2008

Dirogol sekumpulan lelaki

Gadis disamun, rogol sekumpulan lelaki

SEBAHAGIAN daripada 10 lelaki yang ditahan reman bagi membantu siasatan kes rogol di Kulim semalam.

BUKIT MERTAJAM - Sepasang kekasih yang dalam perjalanan dari sini ke Kulim, Kedah terkejut apabila motosikal yang mereka naiki ditahan sekumpulan lima lelaki ketika tiba di Ara Kuda, Kubang Semang.

Dalam kejadian pukul 3.40 pagi kelmarin, pasangan yang berusia 18 dan 20 tahun itu kemudiannya dibawa ke sebuah kedai tuak tidak jauh dari situ bukan sahaja disamun, malah turut dibogelkan.

Selepas itu, pasangan itu dipaksa melakukan adegan seks sambil gambar mereka dirakamkan menggunakan telefon bimbit oleh kumpulan lelaki itu.

Tidak berakhir di situ, si wanita malang itu kemudiannya dilarikan kumpulan lelaki terbabit ke Kulim dengan menaiki sebuah kenderaan sebelum diperkosa pula oleh empat lelaki daripada lima lelaki tersebut di dua tempat berasingan.

Ketua Polis Daerah Seberang Perai Tengah (SPT), Asisten Komisioner Mohamad Anil Shah Abdullah berkata, si lelaki yang ditinggalkan kumpulan tersebut selepas dibelasah kemudian telah membuat laporan di Balai Polis Kubang Semang, di sini. More...

15 minit ... sudah banjir

Eksklusif: Desa Rejang banjir lagi
Tidak sampai dua minggu, Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Desa Rejang, Setapak, dilanda banjir lumpur yang mengakibatkan kekotoran yang melampau di kawasan berkenaan, malam tadi. Menurut salah seorang penduduk, Abdul Zaidi Jamalludin, hujan pada lebih kurang 8.30 malam tadi telah mengakibatkan banjir dikawsan ini kali kedua dalam bulan ini. More...



Of Thaipusam and one man's angers......


Prior to the Thaipusam, I was told that, there are SMS going around asking Malaysians of Hindu faith to boycott the famous Batu Cave temple. This morning, the MSM have reported that there are more than 1 million people visited the temple, and the SMS campaign has failed to convince the Hindu devotee to boycott the Batu Cave temple. However, the blogsphere reported otherwise. The usual crowd at Batu Cave has declined substantially. Which is which? Do we believe the MSM or the blogsphere? But one thing is certain, the attendance of devotees at Batu Cave temple did dropped substantially. So the fact is, there are indeed many Hindu devotees decided to boycott the Batu Cave temple and instead go to other smaller Hindu temple to perform their annual Thaipusam rites.

Sad to note that, sacred temple and religious event such as Thaipusam, has been misused by politicians to launch political attacks against their opponents. God has nothing to do with infidels's political differences, don't drag God into it.

Most of the MSM are emphasizing that there are more than 1 million people visited Batu Cave temple. Really? The MSM also provide extensive written coverage of the MIC president, Samy Vellu, and the Thaipusam event at Batu Cave temple. It does gave me an impression that, they are trying their level best to portray to the general pubic that Samy Vellu still has considerable and majority support from Malaysians of Hindu faiths.


Roadblocks ahead of Protes rally


STAR KUALA LUMPUR: The police are setting up roadblocks to ensure peace and order in the city centre in anticipation of the price hike rally near KLCC on Saturday.

Police started setting up roadblocks from Friday as a precaution ahead of the illegal gathering expected to take place in front of the Twin Towers in Jalan Ampang here.

The gathering organised by Coalition Against Inflation (Protes) is expected to begin at 3pm but police believe it could start much earlier.

"We will screen motorists entering the city centre especially into the KLCC area to identify troublemakers ahead of the planned gathering.

"Suspicious motorists would be inspected and their vehicles searched," Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman said.

He told newsmen this at the district police headquarters in Jalan Stadium here Friday.

ACP Zulkarnain said all roads leading to and near KLCC would be cordoned beginning Saturday morning and only be reopened when it was considered safe.

He said a crowd of at least 5,000 people are expected to take part in the protest and police will be "everywhere" to handle the situation.

"Even if they move to a new location in the city to stage their protest, we will be ready for them," he warned.

He said motorists are advised to avoid the KLCC area as all roads leading there will be blocked and traffic congestion is expected.

ACP Zulkarnain said the police did not issue any permit to Protes who submitted a letter to the police on Jan 23.

Detention of Hindraf leaders not according to procedure

January 25th, 2008 - 1:25 pm

Kuala Lumpur, Jan 25 (ANI): The detention of five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders last month was not carried out by the Malaysian Police according to procedures spelt out in the Internal Security Act 1960, lawyer Karpal Singh said in the High Court.

Karpal Singh submitted at a habeas corpus hearing that the orders given out for Hindraf leaders were only valid for detention but not arrest, which ought to have been carried out before the detention.

He said the first respondent in the case; the Internal Security Minister and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had not applied the law in a just manner.

Karpal Singh added that had there been an arrest, P. Uthayakumar, V. Ganabathirau and T. Vasanthakumar, and lawyers R. Kenghadharan and M. Manoharan, would have been investigated and given 60 days to put up a defence before the minister made an order of detention under the ISA.

He said there was a procedural non-compliance when the minister proceeded to make the order of detention under section 8(1) of the ISA without affecting an arrest under section 73(1) which he was required to do.

“Section 8(1) does not provide for arrest. It only confers power on the minister to make an order of detention. This is also a fatal flaw which nullifies the applicant’s initial arrest and continued detention at the detention centre in Perak,” he said.
The New Straits Times Online quoted Karpal as saying that the representation against the detention of the five, which was addressed to the ISA Advisory Board chairman, was instead directed to the board’s secretary.

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail in his reply said the respondents did comply with the procedural requirements when issuing the order of detention. (ANI)

Malaysian PM's Popularity Hits Low Ahead Of Poll


The Malaysian prime minister's approval rating has hit a personal low as the country gears up for early elections, with voters unhappy over rising prices, racial tensions and crime, a pollster said on Friday.

The poll by market research firm Merdeka Center gave Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi an approval rating of 61 percent in December, the lowest since he took office in late 2004 and down by 10 percentage points from November.

A rating of around 60 percent would be considered decent in many Western democracies, but not in Malaysia where the opposition is weak and the mainstream media pro-government.

Badawi's rating has slipped from a high of 91 percent when he took power.

"It's still pretty high but he would want it to be higher," said Ibrahim Suffian, director of programmes at Merdeka.

The centre, which randomly polled 1,026 voters by phone, found that their main concerns were the rising cost of living, followed by race issues and rising street crime.

Race relations are always an issue in multi-ethnic Malaysia, but tensions snapped in November when more than 10,000 ethnic Indians took to the streets to accuse the government of discrimination against their community.

That followed another anti-government protest, by a similar-sized crowd calling for fairer electoral laws, but the Indian protest hit a nerve with the government which ordered some of the organisers arrested under tough security laws.

Badawi suffered his biggest loss of support among the Indian community, the poll found, but Indians only make up around 7 percent of the population. The politically dominant Malays make up around 60 percent and the ethnic Chinese, who dominate business, account for around 25 percent.

Parties belonging to these main ethnic groups make up the ruling coalition, which has effectively governed since independence in 1957 and is again considered certain to win the next election.

The Merdeka poll showed that the coalition could suffer most from a protest vote by the Chinese, to the benefit of a Chinese-backed opposition party, the Democratic Action Party.

"I think, roughly, if you look at the numbers, the DAP will do relatively well," the centre's Ibrahim said.

The next election is not due until 2009, but political experts widely expect polls to be called before end-March.

Uthayakumar warded after hunger strike

Andrew Ong | Jan 24 08

Malaysiakini - Hindraf legal advisor P Uthayakumar has been warded at the Taiping general hospital today, apparently for dehydration due to his ongoing hunger strike at the Kamunting detention centre.

His fiancee S Indra Devi told Malaysiakini that she was informed by detention centre officials that Uthayakumar was warded at about 1pm today.

“They said he has been put on a drip. I don’t know much more, I’m on my way to Kamunting now,” said Indra Devi.

In view of the latest developments, Indra Devi had an emotional appeal to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“I would like to appeal to the prime minister to release Uthayakumar. He is diabetic and needs proper medical care,” she said, in between sobs.

Firaun dan Namrud Malaysia

Hanya Firaun dan Namrud larang salahkan kerajaan

Sepanjang sejarah manusia, para nabi minta umatnya taat kepada Allah dan setia arahannya. Tetapi tidak pula nabi-nabi itu melarang umatnya bertanya dan memberikan pandangan. Apabila ada yang tidak patut dan pandangan kaum musyrikin yang tidak betul, maka nabi-nabi itu pergi kepada mereka membuat penjelasan.

Forum Perdana RTM di Perlis itu adalah tentang angkara lidah dan bahaya fitnah. Mungkin forum tajaan kerajaan Shahidan Kassim itu gerangan adanya gara-gara lidah tak bertulang Dato Radzi Sheikh Ahmad, Setiausaha Agung Umno mahu Menteri Besar Perlis ditukar.

Profesor dan bekas Mufti Wilayah itu telah membuat huraian tentang tidak baiknya fitnah dan betapa wajarnya menjaga lidah. Tetapi kesimpulannya, dia tidak suka sangat orang menyalahkan kerajaan yang ada hari ini. Baginya semua orang mesti menanyalah diri sendiri tentang apa yang berlaku. Maksudnya tentang kepincangan dan kelamahan yang dihadapi oleh masyarakat dan negara. More...


Bloggers semua "sampah": Rafidah

Berita pertama yang menarik perhatian saya dalam akhbar tempatan hari ini adalah kenyataan Ketua Wanita Umno, Rafidah Aziz bahawa kritikkan pemilik-pemiliki blog terhadap kerajaan tanpa asas dan fakta semuanya adalah "pure rubbish" ataupun "sampah" belaka.

Saya membaca kenyataan ini sambil tersenyum kerana kalau rakyat yang mengatakan sumbagan para bloggers itu "pure rubbish", maka seharusnya ia mencetuskan kebimbangan dan kerisauan, tetapi apabila yang merungut dan berleter adalah Ketua Wanita Umno Malaysia, maka saya mahu mengambil kesempatan mengucapkan syabas kepada semua bloggers, ayuh kita menyumbang lagi kerana ternyata ianya begitu berkesan sehingga menganggu pemimpin sehebat dan seperkasa Rafidah!

Menurut Utusan Malaysia, Rafidah kononnya mendakwa bahawa parti-parti pembangkang "terpaksa" menggunakan internet kerana kononnya majlis-majlis ceramah pembangkang sudah tidak lagi mendapat sambutan. Dan kononnya lagi internet digunakan oleh pembangkang lantaran takut mahu mengkritik kerajaan secara terang-terangan kerana mahu mengelakkan disaman.

Rafidah perlu tahu ruangan internet sebenarnya adalah "extension" dari usaha rakyat Malaysia yang mahu menegak dan memperjuangkan kebenaran dan keadilan. Parti-parti pembangkang dan NGO terus-menerus menganjurkan ceramah dan himpunan di seluruh negara, itu tugas dan tanggungjawab serta medan mereka. Internet adalah lapangan baru, lalu ia juga perlu digunakan jika ia dapat membantu dan memberi manfaat kepada perjuangan yang besar ini. More...



Bahang pilihanraya semakin panas dan UMNO telah mula menggunakan jentera-jentera kerajaan untuk berkempen dalam menghadapi pilihanraya akan datang.

PKR Perak telah diberitahu oleh beberapa orang Guru Besar tentang arahan-arahan yang telah diberikan kepada mereka untuk membantu calon-calon Umno. Demikian pendedahan yang dibuat oleh Pemangku Ketua Perhubungan Negeri, PKR Negeri Perak, Sdr. Zulkifly Ibrahim, dalam satu ceramah diKuala Kangsar, malam tadi.

Menurut Sdr. Zulkifly, beberapa arahan telah diberikan kepada Guru Besar iaitu Sukan Tahunan sekolah perlu diadakan selewt-lewatnya pada 29 Februari ini dan pihak sekolah mesti menjemput Wakil Rakyat dari Umno atau BN untuk merasmikan majlis sukan tersebut. Kalau sebelum ini, PIBG terpaksa meminta derma untuk majlis sukan tahunan, tetapi kali ini, UMNO bersedia menampung apa-apa kos yang diperlukan asalkan pihak sekolah menjemput calon Umno untuk merasmikan majlis sukan tersebut.

Satu lagi arahan yang diberikan ialah semua bantuan Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pelajar Miskin (KWAPM) mesti dikeluarkan selewat-lewatnya akhir Januari ini. PKR difahamkan bahawa semua peruntukan tersebut telah pun dimasukkan kedalam akaun sekolah-sekolah dan Guru Besar telah diarahkan supaya pemberian bantuan ini mesti diadakan didalam satu majlis dimana calon Umno akan menyampaikan bantuan tersebut.

Lazimnya, bantuan KWAPM ini diberikan sekitar bulan Mei - Jun setiap tahun tetapi kali ini, kelulusan bantuan telah dipercepatkan untuk mengambil kesempatan demam pilihanraya. Dan secara lazimnya juga, pemberian bantuan ini selalunya dibuat oleh pihak sekolah dimana YDP PIBG diminta menyampaikan bantuan tersebut tetapi kali ini, Guru Besar telah diarahkan supaya penyampai bantuan tersebut mestilah dikalangan calon Umno.

PKR tidak menentang bantuan yang diberikan tetapi dengan menggunakan dana awam untuk tujuan politik Umno merupakan satu tindakan yang tidak beretika. Beliau berharap, ibubapa tidak terpedaya dengan helah Umno untuk menutup penipuan mereka tentang yuran sekolah percuma yang dihebohkan sebelum ini.

Ibubapa perlu sedar, apa yang kita mahukan ialah pendidikan percuma, bukan bantuan yang diberikan menjelang pilihanraya. Ibubapa perlu sedar, bahawa kos pendidikan yang semakin meningkat memerlukan keprihatinan pemerintah untuk diselesaikan, dan pemerintah yang ada hari ini tidak mampu menyelesaikan masalah ini, sebaliknya setiap dasar yang dikemukakan lebih banyak membebankan ibu bapa.


Death in Custody of Goh Yan Peaw with Impunity

Suaram calls on the government to hold an inquest immediately into the death of Goh Yan Peaw on January 20 during the period he was held by the police in custody in Segamat.

According to a news report in Sin Chew Jit Poh, Goh Yan Peaw was arrested together with his wife and brother by the police on 9 January 2008 at their house in Segamat. They were held under the Emergency Ordinance for allegedly hiding drugs, bombs, porno tapes and fireworks.

Goh Yan Peaw was sent to Johor police headquarters for investigation the next day after his arrest. On 16 January, he was brought to Magistrate’s court in Segamat, which granted the police a remand order of seven days for Goh Yan Peaw.

According to Segamat OCPD Abdul Majid, Goh was brought back to the Segamat police lock-up on January 19. At about 4.00am in the morning, Goh was found unconscious in the detention cell and died after he was sent to hospital. The police told the family that Goh had died from a fall in toilet.

However, Goh’s mother showed a medical certificate which indicated the result of a recently completed medical check-up of Goh, certifying that he was in good health. Goh’s wife, who last met her husband when they were brought to the Segamat Magistrate’s court for remand application, said that she found Goh to have lost a lot of weight, his face was pale, his lips were in light purple color and his eyes seemed to have swelled.

Suaram finds the reason given the police unconvincing and unsatisfactory. How could a fall in a toilet in police station led to a fatal death? The stories of the family members further suggest that Goh Yan Peaw may have been subjected to torture and inhumane treatment while in police custody.

The case warrants an immediate and thorough inquest by the Magistrate’s court to establish the real reason for the death of Goh Yan Peaw and whether the police had tortured him and contributed to his death. Those police officers involved in the death of Goh should be booked to justice.

While Goh may be a suspect of serious crime, all suspects should be treated as innocent before proven guilty. The crime of the suspect should be established by the court and the police should never be allowed to take the law into their own hands.

We call on the Magistrate’s Court to hold an inquest as soon as possible, and no later than a month, as suggested by the Royal Commission on the reform of the police force. The inaction of the Chambers of the Attorney General and the Magistrate’s Court for an inquest would only encourage impunity among the police force, as evident in the high number of death in custody cases in 2007.

There were 11 cases of death in custody in 2007, of which not a single case has had an inquest conducted to investigate the possible foul play of the police and the real cause of death.

We further call on Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to realize his promise in reforming the police force and heed the recommendations of the Royal Police Commission, among them the setting up of the Independent Police Complaint and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC), a coroner’s court and the abolition of the Emergency Ordinance.

Detention without trial and the absence of judicial checks and balances under the Emergency Ordinance will only perpetuate the culture of torture in the police force. This is probably unfortunately proven to be true in the case of Goh where he was detained under the Emergency Ordinance initially and only later brought to court under the normal criminal proceedings, which was too late to save his life.

Yap Swee Seng
Executive Director



eweh, auta najib. yang dia menang tahun 1999 tu pasai apa.
kalau tak percaya saya cuba bagi contoh dan tuan-tuan boleh semak sendiri didalam web site spr daftar pemilih. mana pi undi pos yang sering dipertahankan oleh spr kata ia penting dan anggota tentera tak boleh nak pi mengundi macam orang luar/ awam. kem tentera tak boleh dipantau oleh paka calon ,hanya pegawai tentera yang boleh pi.

cuba bandingkan no tentera dan no awam ni, T715511, dan A0624038, serta T719756 dan A3170255, org yang sama tapi alamat berlainan, mungkin yang menangkan najib dulu pada 1999 adalah manusia jenis ini. Yng satu tahir lahir dipinda supaya orang yang memegang kad awam itu boleh mengundi untuk anggota tentera tersebut, saya secara kebetulan mencari nama tersebut dan terjumpa dua nama ini dan kebetulan ia sama dengan no kp lama mereka, jadi kalau beginilah cara najib nak kelentong rakyat, jenuh la kita buat daftar pemilih dan cula undi, depa tambah hantu untuk mai mengundi, buat saja ic palsu, dah boleh undi atas nama anggota tentera.

Soalan saya adakah anggota tentera boleh memegang dua kp secara serentak, satu kp awam dan satu kp tentera, dan sudah pasti mereka boleh mengundi dua kali, bukankah ini penipu namanya wahai najib anak tun razak. Janganla jadi pembelit macam yang kena boo dengan hindraf tu.
Ko orang tengok sendiri lee...

dan tak percaya pergi check kat SPR takut aku nipu...


Perlis belanja RM2 juta buat laluan kuda

KANGAR: Laluan khas untuk kuda akan diwujudkan di Perlis bagi menyemarakkan kegiatan rekreasi dan sukan berkuda tidak lama lagi, kata Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim Jumaat. More...

Protes KLCC esok akan diteruskan


KUALA LUMPUR, 24 Jan- Ahli Jawatankuasa Gabungan Memprotes Kenaikan Harga Barang (Protes) , Tian Chua berkata perhimpunan membantah kenaikan harga minyak tetap akan mengadakan perhimpunan di KLCC esok (25 Januari) pada jam 3 petang walaupun mendapat kecaman oleh pihak polis.

Tian yang juga Ketua Penerangan KeADILan berkata, adalah perkara biasa sebarang protes atau perhimpunan yang dianjurkan akan mendapat ancaman atau bantahan dari pihak polis.

“Ini adalah perhimpunan aman, kami akan teruskan juga perhimpunan esok,” katanya ketika ditemui Suara Keadilan di pejabatnya di Brickfields.

Pada 22 Januari lalu, dalam Sidang Media di Ibu Pejabat Pas di Jalan Raja Laut, Penyelaras Protes Dr Hatta Ramli berkata pihaknya tidak akan memohon sebarang permit untuk mengadakan perhimpunan di KLCC, 25 Januari ini.

Sebaliknya, Dr Hatta berkata pihak Protes hanya akan memaklumkan mengenai perhimpunan berkenaan kepada pihak polis.

Dalam satu kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Ketua Polis Daerah Dang Wangi ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman, 24 Januari lalu, Ketua Polis Negara telah menerima faks daripada Protes untuk memaklumkan mengenai perhimpunan berkenaan. More...

30 mogok lapar di Klang bantah ISA.


hindraf-mogok-lapar Photo By Bayu Abdullah

KLANG, 24 JAN- Seramai 30 orang termasuk 5 wanita mengadakan mogok lapar di Kuil Sri Bala Subramaniar Swamy, Pelabuhan Klang selama lima hari bagi membantah pengunaan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA)

Menurut salah seorang yang menyertai mogok berkenaan, V Raidhu mereka hanya minum air yang mengandungi glukosa sepanjang tempoh mogok.

“Mogok ini bukan hanya untuk memperjuangkan pemimpin Hindraf, malah kepada semua tahanan ISA yang terbukti dizalimi,” kata V Raidhu.

Mogok berkenaan dimulakan pada 20 Januari lepas dan akan berakhir pada 25 Januari jam 7 malam.

Dalam pada itu, satu Majlis Doa untuk tahanan ISA akan diadakan di Kuil Aum Sri Thavamunieeswarar di Sentul Pasal 27 Januari (ahad ini) pada jam 6 petang.

Pada 16 Februari ini pula, aktivis Hindraf akan berkumpul di perkarangan parlimen untuk menghantar bunga kepada Perdana Menteri, Abdullah Badawi.

Lagi berita disiarkan dalam Suara KeADILan isu 126 yang akan diterbitkan pada 30 Januari ini.

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