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Nov 28, 2008

PKR Youth want bigger role in government

malaysiainsider | ..."PKR Youth wants party members, including from the youth wing, to be given fair opportunity and not brushed aside. Decide objectively. If they are qualified give them opportunities. Train them if necessary," said Shamsul to loud applause from about 600 delegates.

"We must not be fooled by BN members and leaders who switch their allegiance to continue grabbing all the opportunities, without accepting our values," stressed Shamsul.

At a press conference later, Shamsul denied that he was hinting that priority should be given to party members when awarding government contracts.

"I said opportunity in the widest sense of the word, not just business opportunity. Opportunity in government machinery and education institutions. But what's wrong with business opportunity if it is beneficial to the people?" said Shamsul.

He said that his request was also not an admission of the PR governments' failure in bringing about change but a reminder to speed up the process.

"We feel that changes have been slow and we want it faster. So we need people who understand our values and our struggle, so this victory can be translated into action," said Shamsul.

PR-controlled governments have been extra cautious in awarding government contracts to avoid accusations of continuing with the BN style of governance.... more.


rasaBijak said...

promote cronism nampak..




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