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Nov 28, 2008

Ketam Siam suruh anak jalan lurus

Reject money politics, says Mat Taib
Star | Reject leaders who practise money politics – this is the message that Umno will bring across to its members in the run-up to the party elections in March.

Its information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said the party would utilise all its briefing sessions to explain the ills of money politics.

“We will tell delegates to the party general assembly not to vote for those who are using money to get the votes. Even if they had already accepted money or other favours from that particular leader, they must not vote for him,” he told The Star yesterday.... more.
Anak ketam : Bapak ni bodoh ke ... mana boleh adik jalan lurus
Bapak ketam : Bapak tak kira ... jalan kena lurus, nanti orang nampak kita jalan sengat, tak cun ...
Anak ketam : Bapak aku ni gila ke [dalam hati]


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