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Feb 11, 2008


MYDIN Supermarkets. They are in most major cities and towns including Melaka.

Sedikit latar belakang sejarah Mydin di Malaysia dan senarai para pembesar dinastin Mydin boleh lihat tang ni.

Last Saturday, I had to work in the morning. My locum couldn't make it.His sister was getting engaged that morning.

On my way home, there was the holiday traffic crawl from Ayer Keroh Tol to the MITC junction which was about 4 km. I should have taken my Honda Kapchai and not this old Fiat Marea for its aircond and temperature will go bonkers in crawls like this. It took me 45 minutes to reach home which normally a mere 15-20 minutes is more than enough. But I have come to terms that Melaka will have these traffic crawls everytime there is a long weekend holidays or celebrations.
We are such a weekend state.

Then we attended 2 kenduris and as Mrs TA wanted to get something for the house we went to Mydin at Melaka Central. This is my second visit to Mydin and maybe the fourth for Mrs TA.

We went to the first floor using the escalator and once there I picked up a basket and turn to my right.

And my eyes was fixed on something which made me just stood there for a long time not moving a single muscle. I was dumbstruck though I know I'm not dumb yet.

The reason for me to stand like a lamp post? See for yourself:-

BN Caps on sale at Mydin

Its clear enough that Mydin is insensitive

Yes. Your eyes are not fooling you. There are T-shirts,caps,flags and umbrellas with Barisan Nasional logo on sale at Mydin Melaka(and Penang too,I heard).

The T-shirt was very obvious. Undilah Barisan Nasional.
I know its election time. But the Parliament is not dissolved yet. And already Mydin is campaigning for the vote!

Can this be done? Is there anything in the Election act to say Mydin can do this?

What more can I say? Pure BODEKing of Mydin

Some people will say: its only bussiness. There is nothing wrong with Mydin selling BN's paraphrenalias.

But,Mydin should be more sensitive to their customers. 99.5 percents of their clients are Muslims and malays. Of these Malays there are people from UMNO,PAS and PKR( and maybe some from DAP). Doesn;t the feelings of these people from the 'other' camp count to Mydin?
Or maybe Mydin doesn't need people from the 'other' camp anymore?

BN for sale to any highest(or lowest) bidder

I don't see other bigstores doing the same. I went to Tesco,Giant,Carrefour and Jusco in Melaka. No,they don't sell BN paraphrenalias. Only Mydin.

Loud and clear: BN umbrella on sale at Mydin

I heard rumours( yeah just rumours) that Mydin is trying to get a piece of land infront of their premise which is at present a playground, from the Melaka state government. Recently Mydin was allowed to open a branch in Baazar Sentral from the state govt. They sell like those in the wet market( the wet market,Pasar Sentral is about 100m from Mydin Baazar Sentral) and is opened for 24 hours 7 days a week. This had caused dissatisfactions among the traders in the Pasar Sentral.

Is that the reason why Mydin is selling these BN stuffs? Maybe if its only in Melaka. But what about Penang? Most probably all the Mydin branches is selling too.

More BN paraphrenalias at Mydin

If Mydin claims that its just bussiness and nothing to do with politics, I dare Mydin to sell the oppositions T-shirts,caps and flags. If Mydin dare to do it which I don't think they have the balls to do it.

Can't find ant PAS/DAP/PKR things in Mydin

I can understand if the many Mydin bosses are in UMNO or contributors for UMNO and they are trying to do their part for BN and UMNO's victory in the next GE.
Contribute cash or paraphrenalias if you want to, but please do not sell it at your outlets, unless at the outlets your put up a big sign board saying: Untuk ahli UMNO sahaja.

Then those from PAS or PKR or DAP will not go into yur supermarkets anymore.
But don't insult them like this.

Without shame Mydin allowed itself to be used?

Most probably, many PAS and PKR supporters in Melaka will not go to Mydin anymore.
I know I won't .And I know about 200 more will not go near Mydin anymore.

And thank you Mydin,for showing your true colour to us.
We really thought Mydin is apolitical entity,but we were wrong.

Good luck for your ventures in Melaka.
You sucks!

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