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Sep 14, 2008

Arrests are an attempt to cover up real issue - PAS

Star | The arrests of three people under the Internal Security Act (ISA) are part of the Government’s attempt to foil the planned crossover of Barisan Nasional MPs to the Pakatan Rakyat by Sept 16, PAS youth chief Salahuddin Ayub said on Saturday.

He added the arrests are also to cover up the real issue that the Barisan was undergoing a political crisis and was weakening.

“The arrests were similar to the Operasi Lallang in 1987, where arrests under the ISA were made at the same time when Umno was heading towards a political crisis.

“In this context, we have information that about 15 more people from the Pakatan Rakyat may be detained under the Act to deflect people's attention away from Umno’s internal problems.... selanjutnya.


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