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Sep 27, 2008

Hindraf slams Selangor exco's stand on temple demolition

malaysianinsider | Hindraf has slammed Selangor exco member Dr Xavier Jayakumar for "losing the plot" in the Hindu temple demolition issue.

In a press statement, Hindraf chairman P.Waytha Moorthy said Jayakumar's excuse of not being registered echoed a similar attitude as the previous Barisan Nasional state government.

"The statement by Dr Jayakumar that the Sri Maha Kaliamman Temple is not registered with the Selangor State Council and that it did not fulfill the "format" of registration is a joke and makes a mockery of the basic right to worship of every citizen.

"It appears the PR government is singing the same tune of the previous BN Government in misleading the community to believe that the temple committee was at fault for not registering the temple," he stated.

The Sri Maha Kaliamman temple was torn down on Sept 9 by the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council but the Pakatan Rakyat state government had claimed it breached a directive barring the destruction of any places of worship put in place soon after it had won the March 8 polls.

"Is the Pakatan Rakyat government willing to lodge police reports on the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council?" Waytha asked in his statement.... selanjutnya.


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