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Sep 15, 2008

RPK in danger! Pakatan Rakyat must move now!

harismibrahim | ..... “They’re going to wait until his condition is critical before they get him medical attention. By then it will be too late. RPK would already be dead.

“That’s what they are banking on. They’ll say he brought it on himself.

“You people can hold all the vigils you want. That’s not going to get him out.

“Pakatan have to move now. Anwar has to stop this nonsense of waiting for enough Malay MPs to crossover before he seeks the audience with the Agong to intimate that Pak Lah has lost the confidence of the majority of MPs in Parliament. Didn’t the rakyat reject race-based politics at the last general elections and at Permatang Pauh? Go form the federal government now.

“Anwar has the numbers already, so he should not delay any longer.

“RPK has been without food or water since Friday. He’s not going to last long.

“We must get him out now. Otherwise the authorities will be returning him to us in a coffin!

And we can only get RPK out now if Pakatan takes over immediately”.... selanjutnya.


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