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Oct 10, 2008

Sacked MIC man may join PKR

sun2surf | ...Former MIC Bayan Baru division head Former N. Nyama Segaran, who was just been sacked from the party for "working for the opposition", will consider joining Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

Contacted by theSun today, an upset Nyama said: "The party did not give me a chance to appeal or give an explanation on this matter."

He will discuss with office bearers of his former division before making a final decision on whether to join the opposition. It is learnt that PKR will receive about 3,000 new members from the largest Indian-based political party in the country tomorrow (Oct 11).

Nyama said his sacking was based on 'baseless allegations', as he did not work for the opposition in the run-up to the recent General Election, as claimed by MIC supremo Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu recently.

He only knew that he had been sacked when a friend called him up after hearing the news over the radio yesterday (Oct 9).

"No one from the party told me about it," Nyana exclaimed. Until today, he has not received any official letter on his sacking from MIC.... selanjutnya.


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