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Nov 9, 2008

Member of Parliament Tony Pua being thrown into a police truck

Police dispersed a crowd of about 200 people gathered at a field opposite the Amcorp Mall here on Sunday night to mark the first anniversary of the Bersih rally, arresting about 20 people as well.

The rally was to commemorate the march last November that called for a free and fair general election.

Among those arrested were PJ Utara Member of Parliament Tony Pua, Kampung Tunku state assemblyman Lau Weng San and a videographer from the Malaysiakini news portal.

They were detained by plainclothes policemen in front of the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) building about 2km from the Amcorp Mall, where the crowd was heading towards to hold a candlelight vigil.... selanjutnya.
Bersih vs Mesyuarat UMNO Bahagian Seremban. Mana lebih bahaya?


Unknown said...

My message to all members of PR, don't creat problems anymore and our country already upside down! Don't complaint if police or ISA arrested you people because you people asking for it, we as a rakyat also feel frustrated! This is not the way to gain public"s supports!!! Stupid than $$$ faham???

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