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Nov 22, 2008

PAS, PKR and ordinary Muslims criticise yoga ruling

malaysiainsider | ...Muslim opposition leaders want the National Fatwa Council to be more specific in its edict so that Muslims can decide what forms of yoga are permissible.

PAS research chief Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad told The Malaysian Insider that the council should not make a blanket ban but “lay down what is or is not permissible about yoga.”

“This allows a Muslim to be critical of their own faith and empower them to make judgments based on convictions.”

The Kuala Selangor MP added that if the intention of taking up yoga was for the well-being of the body, mind and spirit, then religion need not come into it.

“There is no need for this siege mentality where everything is viewed from the perspective of encroaching on Islam and attacking us,” he said, adding that if one wanted to stray from Islam, there were other ways besides yoga to do it.

PKR Youth’s chief strategist Yusmadi Yusoff also said that the council needed to be more specific with what forms of yoga it found objectionable as generalising the entire art under a ban was discriminatory and denied Muslims a choice of a healthy lifestyle.

“The form of yoga practised in Malaysia is simply a healthy exercise. If the fatwa is on the basis of religious rituals or inclinations, then it must be more specific and detail what parts exactly,” he said.... more.
Yoga haram .... tafakur dan letak kalungan bunga di tugu ... er ...er....er .....halal...er....

dr asri mufti perlis blog comment on pak lah on hari pahlawan flower at national monument 040808


Anonymous said...

Sekarang semua institusi pentadbiran kerajaan BN dan juga Majis Fatwa Kebangsaan seolah-olah bersepakat melaksanakan sesuatu tindakan atau membuat keputusan secara terpilih. Penangkapan terpilih, pendakwaan terpilih, menjatuhkan hukuman terpilih, hingga nak keluarkan fakta pun terpilih. Hai para mufti dalam Majils Fatwa Kebangsaan..... insaf lah. Janganlah takut dan tunduk kepada kehendak manusia tertentu sahaja. Takutlah kepada Allah. Ingat akhirat menanti anda!

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