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Dec 25, 2007

Crackdown on Bloggers begins?

via Rocky Bru

Cucumatkilau, a PKR-proposed candidate during the last general election, has claimed that police broke down the door of his home in Kuantan yesterday morning before cuffing him and taking him to the police station . He claimed that the cops did not produce any warrant for his arrest and did not say why he was being arrested.

Blogger Datuk Ron alerted me of the incident some hours ago and has since done two postings (here and here) on the arrest.

Now, even before the arrest of the Hindraf 5 there had been talk that several bloggers would be arrested under the ISA. Obviously I didn't give such talk much credence. Let's just say I was more concerned about the "chilling effect" that it could have on the blogging community. I am still not ready yet to believe that the Government would actually be so naive as to target bloggers, but that's what people are going to talk about until/unless the cops issue an official statement and explain its action on Cucumatkilau and respond to his claims. |more...|

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