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Dec 25, 2007



via Kickdefella

Today we visited the flood victims in Kampung Gelang Mas, in Tendong, Pasir Mas. About 800 victims flooded the relief centre which is also flooded with water. According to one villager, this particular area has never been flooded before. However, what happened today was due to the damage at one of the dam in Southern Thailand. The water rise so fast, causing some of the villagers were not able to rescue their cars.

We arrived at the relief center almost at the same time with Barisan Nasional’s YB for Tendong.

In a jest, when I saw YB Haji Fauzi of Tendong about to light up his cigarette, I warned him against doing so if he wants to remain as YB. He told me that in UMNO, it is the democratic right of the people to smoke, I told him that he is correct but what I am worried about is, what happen if he chooses to cross over after PRU 12. With that YB Fauzi filed an official complained to Dato’ Husam, claiming I am kicking below the belt.

That is what I call ‘Bola Teboq’.



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