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Dec 26, 2007


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Aikkk...Rupa rupanya India pun sama seperti bangsa melayu...Mudah lupa. Begitu lah kenyataan Samy Vellu di dalam ucapannya, seperti yang dilapurkan oleh penghantar email berikut kepada hindraf.org.

Via Email: Samy Vellu Speech on RTM1
Mon, 12/24/2007 - 11:15 — admin

Dear All Indians,

On 19/12/07 around 9.30pm, our MIC Leader Dato Seri S.Samy Vellu so called an Indian Iron Man gave a marvelous and tremendous live talk at RTM 1. The most highlighted phrase given was "Semua orang hanya akan ingat selama 2-3 bulan pasal HINDRAF, lepas itu mereka semua mesti lupa dan undi kita(MIC).

What he said was 101% truth, that's why he still winning in Sg.Siput for past 34 years (Dulu, Kini dan Selama-lamanya). He knows about Indian mentality very well. He knows how to manipulate people's distraction from one point to another point. If he can say that on live means, we will be the chameleon for years. Indian will talk one and do one, which is the concept of Malaysian Politics.

Today we will support HINDRAF, tomorrow after everyone paid money to vote, we will support MIC (Barisan Nasional). Every year Government is allocating some money for Indians, but till today no one knows where the money is. I know where the money is? Most of you know where the money is, but we can't voice out. Why, because he is the King of Gangster and The Producer of Gangster.

Can I ask all of you one thing? Are we stupid and Idiot? Why I'm asking this, because we still repeating the same mistake every 5 years by voting MIC. Our future is our own hand. Don't let our children to suffer as how we are suffering now. Please open your mind broadly and vote for your rights. For those who yet to register as voter, please do so. Don't be stupid by repeating the same mistake again by voting the BLOOD SUCKER @ PYTHON!!!!

Rujuk: Samy Vellu Speech on RTM1
Yanadeyyyy Samy. Ini tahun kita tengok. Samaada Kenyataan Mahathir dan Samy boleh dijadikan panduan pemimpin.


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