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Jan 13, 2008

Najib - Hypocrisy!


(New Straits Times) - There is no place for communal politics in Malaysia, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said yesterday.

Communal politics, he said, could stifle progress and lead to the destruction of peace and harmony enjoyed by all races.

"That is why the Alliance was formed by past leaders such as Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Tun V.T. Sambanthan, with the intention of forging racial harmony."

"Today, the Barisan Nasional shoulders this responsibility so that the Malays, Chinese, Indians and people of other races can live in peace as they know that their interest is being protected.

Oh really, I think you meant the Malay's interests?

"When they see the BN symbol, they know that it represents Umno, MCA, MIC and others in a coalition that embraces the principle of 'sink or swim together'," he said during a gathering of state BN component parties yesterday."

Wrong! BN = UMNO and UMNO = BN. If not, explain why the other parties, have to take shit from the ass holes like Kerismuddin and Beruk Khairy in UMNO Youth.

Najib said the BN was not like the opposition, which practised political hypocrisy by pretending to be friendly with other races for the sake of winning seats in the general election.

Correction: The opposition was not like BN, which practised political hyprocrisy by pretending to be friendly with other races for the sake of winning seats in the general election.

"The opposition also makes promises which are unlikely to be fulfilled. Some of their promises are ridiculous."

How many 2004 general election promises did Badawi actually fulfilled? Close to NONE. Liar Liar Liar.

"The prime minister and I want to see peace and harmony but the opposition wants to create instability and demonstrate on the streets to win votes."

Typical BN tactic: Intimidating the public into voting for idiots. Well, it's not going to work this time.

Najib commended the Terengganu BN for setting a target of winning 66 per cent of the popular votes in the next general election.
"It is not impossible. Terengganu BN is fully prepared for a general election."

Or maybe you're hinting that the election is rigged again?

Reflecting on the performance of the party in Terengganu during the two previous elections, Najib said: "In 1999, we lost because we were weak internally and not because Pas was strong.

Just admit that BN lost cause it sucks and everyone there hates it and stop giving out retarded excuses.

In 2004, we were united and the people voted for the party. As such, to realise the 66 per cent target, we must remain united and put the party above individual interest."

The party? Oh you mean UMNO's interest, Najib Altantuya.

Saying members should not lay conditions for them to remain united, he added: "It will be a confidence booster if a leader says that he has given his service and it is time for new blood to take over. It is very dignified and noble as it shows that you have put the party interest above anything else."

Earlier, speaking to civil servants at the state secretariat, Najib said Malaysia owed its achievements to its visionary leaders and committed administrators.

Visionary leaders - Semi Value
Committed Administrators - Tidurlah 'Napoleon' Badawi

"We are lucky to have a public service institution at both the state and federal levels that is one of the best in the world."

Wow, what a joke!

Najib commended the Terengganu government for delivering on all the promises made in the last general election within a short period.

And then it's keris waving time for UMNO?


Anonymous said...

feel sorry if you still vote bn

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