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Feb 8, 2008

multidimid said

The Chinese have ushered in the year of the Rat. If soothsayers are correct for the rat year, they are “predicting losses” in the year and this is going to be a “highly competitive year”. Investors are told, like a rat they have to be “nimble”.

The year of the Rats will also bode ill for BN. For the BN and PM Abdullah, the coming General Elections, the predictions are already coming true in the Year of the Rat. The writing is on the wall. The Hindraf Rally completely destabilized the hardcore traditional support coming from the Indians Community.

And now MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting in an exclusive interview over the NTV7 network declared in Mandarin "When the Chinese community is still unhappy and dissatisfied, we face a bigger challenge; we have to explain to let the community understand that the points raised by the opposition are wrong not good for the community"

The timing of the early Election is Not Right. And his Deputy Chan Kong Choy also said that MCA is playing safe and regarded every “seat as not safe”. So the MCA is not confident at all in the coming GE and this mean there will be “MCA losses” as well. Plus the “MIC losses” the BN would most likely be unable to hold on to the 2/3 Majority. More details at

and watch the Video clip(2.15min) with Ong Speaking in Mandarin 40 sec, Abdullah responding & SMSes and M Toyo reply: “the best time, might not be the right time

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Or see More Pics & video Malaysians ushering in the year of the Rat, go here,

and the graphics wish - "May all the Rats including the biggest one (25ft at Thean Hou Temple) gnawed away BN 2/3 Majority in the Coming Election


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