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Mar 23, 2008

New UMNO party mascot


Following my observation, I firmly concluded that UMNO=Talk Cock!

Reason No.1 : Many years back when MPs of the opposition switched camp to BN no problem-leh. But now when the other way round happening, UMNO complaining this complaining that, sumore wants law for mini local election if switch camp.

Reason No.2 : When Hindraf held peaceful street protest, they were greeted by water cannon and tear gas. Then UMNO said street protest is not the Malaysian way. But when UMNO Penang held street protest, no action taken, no komen given, mata tutup sebelah.

Reason No.3 : When Lim Kiat Siang said boycott Perak MB swearing in, UMNO said no respect to the Sultan. But now those UMNO talk cock fellows sendiri want to boycott Terengganu MB swearing in, really BIADAP.

SO IT IS OF MY CONCLUSION THAT UMNO=Talk Cock. Sumore I believe that when they talk, it is more like ayam betina pretending to berkok-kok a.k.a. Talk Cock!!!! So on the next EGM, no need to unsheath the keris, just unzip the pants, no need to kiss & wave the keris, just kiss and wave the..........


Kuda Lempoyang said...

SOKONG mascot 100%. Tema-Berkokok berderai derai, ekor gelumang tahi anak ibu ayam ataujust ayam...

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