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Apr 21, 2008

Hello.....what about Hishamuddin Yunus?

(...) Actually, what was not revealed is that the dinner cum meeting of the Bar Council was organised by the government. It was the government that mooted the idea and asked for the dinner cum meeting to be held. In fact, what was further not revealed is that the government paid for the whole thing. The Bar Council did not have to come out with one Sen. The government underwrote the entire cost and threw in a datukship for the Bar Council Chairman as a bonus. Yes, that’s right, the government used the Bar Council for its little wayang. And the Bar Council allowed itself to be used, for a price.

Well, as they say, everyone can be bought, even some members of the Malaysian Bar Council.

But never mind. Malaysia Today is not against righting whatever wrongs done by the government, even those done as far back as 20 years ago. If they want they can also look at the wrongs done to Malaysians back in time before Merdeka, such as those Chinese rubber-tappers in Batang Kali who were massacred by the government security forces -- and many, many more. Let these people too be compensated for crimes worse than getting sacked from their cushy jobs. Lives were lost, and in a very unjust way on top of that, so if compensation is due then let compensation be made. What Malaysia Today is equally concerned about is the ongoing injustice -- injustice that is still being perpetuated and has not ended -- and we demand that these wrongs be put right as well.

Since we are riding this euphoria of righting the wrongs done to judges, let us look at another case that appears to have gone unnoticed and uncorrected. This is with regards to the injustice done to Hishamuddin Yunus. I know, some of you are going to ask, Hishamuddin who? For those ignorant of whom this most illustrious judge is, read the sections below this piece.

Hishamuddin Yunus, who could actually be the Chief Justice of Malaysia, or at the very minimum the President of the Court of Appeal, has been placed in cold storage. Many other judges below him, some who have the habit of not writing their written judgements -- resulting in many prisoners still languishing in jail -- have been promoted above his head. more...


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