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Apr 21, 2008

Letter from Pak Lah after PRU 12?


Total chaos for UMNO!

From: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Dear fellow Malaysians,

Thank you for voting Barisan Nasional back into power. It is with great honour that I will serve you for another term. I want to share with you what I plan to do in the next four or five years to fulfil your aspirations for the country.

You used your votes to send me a message – a message that I didn’t hear earlier, but which I hear now, loud and clear. Yes, it was a wake up call for a rude awakening and me for all of us at BN. We must never take the Malaysian public for granted.

One of the loudest things I hear from you is ‘No more arrogant, inflammatory and racist rhetoric’. I admit several of my outspoken ministers and yes, even my own son-in-law, have said things that hurt the feelings of many segments of our society, especially the non-Malays. I should have rebuked them immediately but I didn’t.

I didn’t share their views, I’m sure you know that, but I was complacent in thinking such comments would eventually blow over. Little did I realize that many of you had actually taken them to heart. As a prime minister for all Malaysians, I should have been more sensitive. The next time any Umno leaders say things that are out of line, I guarantee you I will slap them down straight away. And if they don’t apologise for the hurt they cause, I will ask them to resign whatever posts they hold in the party or the government. That is how seriously I take the matter.

I was mistaken in thinking that Malaysians would be content and grateful just to have peace and security in this country. But after 50 years, Malaysia has grown up. We are becoming a developed nation. Peace and security is not enough. Economic development is not enough. The people want and deserve civil liberties. more...


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