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Apr 20, 2008

PR can authorize Makkal Osai to print

harismibrahim - The activist who has been the chiefest proponent of a Pakatan Rakyat newspaper, Wong Chin Huat suggests rescuing Makkal Osai by having one of the PR State Governments grant it permission to print, and told me some efforts to this end are afoot.

He points out that Section 25 (1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 says: “Nothing in this Act shall extend to the publication or making of any documents or periodical by or for the Federal or any State Government or any statutory body.

Meaning, a paper published by the state will not fall under the PPPA. Chin Huat urges, “We can see Makkal Osai tomorrow back on the news stand if any of the PR State Governments will issue an authorization letter today for the daily to publish for the state.”

He had discovered the exemption clause a while back (and it was made known to PAS, PKR and DAP) as well as alerted me when The People’s Parliament launched ‘Boycott the Newspapers!’

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