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Apr 20, 2008


Non-Malay membership proposed
Star - Among the feedback gathered by the state Umno Youth from its grassroots was one that suggested revisiting the idea that the party should be open to non-Malay membership.

The division has been collecting suggestions from the grassroots that members hope the leadership will look into before the party branch elections begin in July.

Johor Umno Youth chief Razali Ibrahim said that there were 149 suggestions over how the party could move forward after the heavy losses in the March 8 general election.

“Everything you can imagine, from the most rational to the most extreme, was discussed,” he told reporters after an eight-hour meeting here on Sunday.

Razali said that the suggestions included revisiting the vision of Datuk Onn Jaafar who had called for Umno party membership to be open to all Malayans (then) and for the party to be renamed the United Malayans National Organisation. more...


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