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May 31, 2008

Why did cops shoot our son?

Tan Tiang Eng (left) and his wife Phang Yoon Moy want answers from the police on the shooting of their son,  Chin Teik (below).

NST - Grieving parents of former lorry driver Tan Chin Teik are questioning the police for shooting their 37-year-old son instead of arresting him after a car chase which ended in Simpang Koboi, in Kampar early last week.

"Even if he committed a crime, they should follow the law. They never gave him a chance to surrender. Why did they shoot him? What did he do?" asked Chin Teik's mother, Phang Yoon Moy, 60.

She said her son had turned over a new leaf three years ago when he was released from jail after serving a two-year sentence for house-breaking.

Phang and her husband, 62-year-old tractor driver Thean Tiang Eang @ Tan Tiang Eng, denied that their son was in possession of a parang, as claimed by police.... selanjutnya.


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