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Jun 14, 2008

Sime Darby's president/CEO says he was just following orders.

Rockybru - [...] How is his view different? We don't know. But the writer Kathy Fong tells us that Zubir is infuriated by accusations that he the sacking was a "purge" of Golden Hope officials in the company.

"This has infuriated Ahmad Zubir who says he was merely following a decision that was taken by the Board, which has been described by some as being tough and attuned to high governance standards. The Sime board comprises people such as Tun Musa Hitam and Andrew Sheng (former chairman of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission), who are known for their highly ethical corporate standards."
Musa Hitam known for "high ethical corporate standards"? Since when? I mean, it's something else if you say that Musa Hitam is known for "high ethical political standards". And even then, you will be inviting controversy!... selanjutnya.


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