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Jun 28, 2008

A VIP's wife extra luggage still stuck in Dubai

1426.blogspot - [...] Of course, it is never a secret under OSA that our VVIPs and VIPs (ministers and other politicians, some businessmen) including their spouses, families, or even friends are given special treatment by Malaysian embassies abroad.

Allegations or charges of improprieties in the way VIP wives are treated by Malaysian missions are not totally incorrect. I have seen myself in few places the way our diplomats had treated these VIPs with great care, including sometimes willingly carried their bags or drove them around for sight-seeing. It could be due to the great respect or obligedly under instruction or for some future investments.

A month ago, Mohd Azmin Ali (PKR-Gombak) raised this issue at the Dewan Rakyat regarding certain VIP's wife, who allegedly went on luxury shopping sprees, with her large purchases transported back home at the expense of the Malaysian High Commission in London and national carrier MAS.
He further alleged that the overseas missions apparently were required to go overboard in ‘helping’ Cabinet Ministers and their wives. He was in government before working in an important ministry under an important man, therefore he should know better, if not was given the same bloody treatment.

In defence, all relevant parties immediately claimed this allegation was untrue.... selanjutnya.


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