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Jun 28, 2008

Malaysians take current fuel surge in stride

Malaysians-protest-fuel-priceasianpasificpost - Whether trading cars for motorcycles, switching to public transport, or simply walking to work, Malaysians are tackling the massive fuel price hike in different ways.

They have settled down to fuel-saving measures after a spurt of protests in the national capital and some other cities saw thousands of people converge on the streets.

As per an announcement by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on June 4, gasoline pump prices jumped 41 per cent overnight and diesel prices surged a stunning 67 per cent.

This has become a major issue in Malaysia — a prosperous tiger economy with burgeoning farm and factory production. Opposition political parties did their share of protesting too as the government braced to meet the economic challenge the fuel price hike posed. ... selanjutnya.


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