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Aug 31, 2008

Go to hell

But before you post "explosive" comments on your blog, cyberlaw expert Deepak Pillai warns: "Anything that is not allowed in the real world, in most cases, is also an offence in cyberspace."
This sense of impunity is also felt when you send a provocative text message through your mobile phone.

"Cyberlaws extend to more than just computers. It extends to any device that has a computing function, including mobile phones," he says.

According to Deepak, who served on the Bar Council's Information Technology and Cyberlaws Committee for almost a decade, cyber crimes fall into several categories, and one is crime against computers - NST
Kalau dah tau ... sendiri mau ingat. Media arus perdana kena bagi ruang sikit pada Pakatan Rakyat. Kalau tak ... what choice do we have? To read and accept or to fight?


Nizam said...

macam auwww jeee

Unknown said...

tak lama lagi daah!

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