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Aug 19, 2008

Helikopter polis ganggu ceramah Anwar

Berita ini di keluarkan oleh dinmerican. Gangguan helikopter ketika ceramah Anwar di Permatang Pauh.
Setiap kali kehadiran helikopter di tempat ceramah akan disambut dengan teriakan oleh mereka yang hadir. Ikuti lapuran dari blog dinmerican,

anwar ibrahim tengiri market permatang pauh by election 180808 01On Monday - for the third night straight - a police helicopter circled Taman Ciku in Bukit Mertajam where a Pakatan Rakyat rally was in progress. There were some 800 persons in the crowd that night.

Police have confirmed the one hour episode as routine surveillance patrol, but residents have said that they are not used to aerial incursions.

On Saturday night at a large rally in Permatang Pasir - in the midst of PKR candidate Anwar Ibrahim’s speech - a police helicopter showed up. Allaying fear in the crowd, Anwar asked the crowd to enjoy the chopper’s antics since “it’s not always we have a helicopter flying over us in Permatang Pasir.”

Each time helicopters have been passing over these rallies, crowds have cheered them on excitedly - somehow adding to the general ambience of evening events.

Yet PKR supporters are convinced this is a fear tactic, and consistent with Barisan Nasional’s intent to move votes by all means possible.... seterusnya.


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