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Sep 17, 2008

Badawi gets ready for War.

donkidmepls | I'm no political scientist. But let me try. See if this makes sense.

Im not sure what has happened to Badawi. Either he fired his old Strategist and hired some brainy guy, or his strategist just woke up. His actions over the last 3 days confirmed one thing. Some "Critically Heavy Thinking" is going on to safe his seat. And he is probably adopting the football mantra “Attacking is the best form of Defense”.

Lets see his actions over last 2 days.

1st - He called Anwar Bluff and refused to give face & meet Anwar and asked him to reveal the names instead.
2nd - He has appointed DPM Najib as the Finance Minister With immediate effect.
3rd - He said that his power transition plan with Najib scheduled to complete in 2010 is in tact.
4th - That he as the PM, will now take over the Defence Ministry with immediate effect.
5th - (Probably Has asked) ACA to start investigation on charges that Oposition is offering money to cross over.... selanjutnya.


Anonymous said...

Kalau dah jadi Menteri Pertahanan
tindakannya samalah macam Russia.
Dia kata pembangkang gila kuasa tapi yang dia orang lakukan nanti tu apa ke bendanya?
kerasputinan dan ke Isralian.

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