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Sep 29, 2008

Balik kampung rush badly hit as pumps run dry in KL

Star | The balik kampung rush for Hari Raya turned chaotic in the Klang Valley as many motorists who wanted to fill up their tanks were faced with “out of stock” signs at pumps.

The petrol stations that ran dry were mostly Shell stations but some motorists also complained that several BHP stations here had run out of supply citing “computer glitches” and pump problems.

An operator of a petrol station in Kuala Lumpur said if there is no fresh supply soon, he may have to stop operating by today.

Although most cases were reported in the Klang Valley, there was a report from Johor Baru of at least one Shell station running out of supply. There was no shortage at Petronas stations and other petrol stations.... selanjutnya.


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