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Sep 9, 2008

Johor's RM841.14 million debt to Federal Govt owed by SAJH and J Corp

NST | ...Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said 82 percent of the money or RM689 million were owed by Syarikat Air Johor Holdings Sdn Bhd (SAJH) and Johor Corporation (JCorp).

If this amount is deducted, the money owed by the state government will amount to only RM150 million or about 18 percent of the said sum.

SAJH had to borrow from the central government to finance its rural areas water supply project.

“All this while, the debt of SAJH was the main factor as to why the money owing to the central government by the state government seemed that high,” he said at the Johor state assembly meeting here today.... selanjutnya.


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