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Sep 9, 2008

Penyakit KERBAU GILA di Pulau Pinang


Malaysiatoday | ....“I think we are seeing a new strain or mutated form of Mad Cow Disease. This is not the same strain that hit this country a couple of years ago. This strain hits only Indians, in this case Indians who eat beef like those Indians of the Muslim faith.”

“It may no longer be accurate to call this disease Mad Cow Disease although it does come from cows and those inflicted with the disease do act like mad cows. Our university has renamed this disease Mamak Disease in light of the fact that Mamaks seem to be the only people who suffer from this problem.”

“We did some tests on Malays and Chinese, and although they eat the same beef as the Indians of the Muslim faith, they do not appear to be prone to the disease -- and neither are Indians who are Christians. We would love to also do some tests on Indians of the Hindu faith but the problem is we can’t get them to agree to consume beef even though it is for research purposes.”... selanjutnya.


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