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Sep 4, 2008

Polis pening dengan Raja Petra

Bila nak jadi kaya... ramai nak jadi Polis. Tapi bila Raja Petra buat polis pening kepala, ramai yang batalkan cita cita. Aku dah cakap ngan hangpa ... buat pa hangpa layan Raja Petra tu.

Malaysiatoday | ...Today, I was summoned to Bukit Aman because of Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid of Pusrawi’s medical report and Statutory Declaration that were published in Malaysia Today. It seems Malaysia Today has committed an act of sedition under Malaysia’s Sedition Act and the police wanted me to admit that I own Malaysia Today, I was in control of the site at all times, and that I was instrumental in publishing both the medical report and the SD.

The police were actually quite upset with my responses. DSP Lee exasperatingly said that he used to have great respect and high regards for me but now has changed his opinion about me due to my wishy-washy and evasive responses. My replies to all their questions were: ‘don’t ask me, ask the owners of Malaysia Today’, ‘that question is not relevant to the issue’, ‘you have no jurisdiction over Malaysia Today since it is outside Malaysia’, ‘prove to me that those documents came from Malaysia Today’, ‘those documents are not from Malaysia Today, they are from another site’, ‘charge me and I will reply in court’, ‘why should I bother to reply since you are determined to charge me anyway’, and so on and so forth. I must admit that even I was irritated by my own cocky and neither here nor there replies.

If I have learned one thing from my previous interrogations (of course, they call it ‘recording my statement’ and not ‘interrogation’) it is that the police will say one thing and then will do the opposite. For example, they interrogated me about the Statutory Declaration that I signed on 18 June 2008 and said that the investigation was about me signing a false declaration. Basically, the police wanted me to prove that what I signed was no lie and that I really did have information from reliable sources. But when I managed to satisfy them with the answers and more or less proved that I had not lied, they turn around and charge me for Criminal Defamation instead. The issue of signing a false declaration never cropped up at all.... selanjutnya.
Aku bagi nasihat ..... Lepaih kan Raja Petra tu dan hangpa buat kerja lain. Banyak lagi kerja. Budak kecik yang ilang tak jumpa jumpa, kereta kena curik tak nampak rupa. Macam macam ada kerja. Hangpa keroyok jugak di Raja Petra tu buat apa? Hangpa tak dak kerja ka?


mangchikla said...

Dan yg terbaru seorang bekas Lt Kol berumur 57 mati dalam lokap IPD Ampang "Die jatuh terus mati..."

Mr Joker said...

wak... bio le pulis pulis tuh... depa saje je nak test IQ depa tuh... khaabarnya sape yang gagal dipermainkan dek Petra bakal menggantikan tempat KPN Musang Hasang... tu yang depa ramai-ramai pakat keriyok petra tuh...

petra ni kira macam objek hidup bahan ujikaji.kalau pas... KPN ma... sape tanak jadik KPN...

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