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Sep 4, 2008

Hey bodoh .... kitorang punya tak der ke?

Star | A newly formed association representing factory bus operators says its members would face financial difficulties soon if the Government does not give them diesel subsidy.

The Selangor Factory Bus Operators Association pro-tem president Jackie Chew Soo Mee said that factory buses were not included in the list of vehicles eligible for diesel subsidy.

Seeking equal treatment: Chew (centre) discussing with association adviser Lim Kim Hwi (left) with vice chairman Majeed Noor Sahid (right) and other members around them in Klang yesterday.

“The list even includes hearses and water tankers but factory buses have been left out,” Chew told a press conference at the Kota Raja MCA division service centre here yesterday.

Chew, who is also the division Wanita chief, said that besides higher fuel prices, the factory bus operators also had to cope with higher priced tyres and spare parts.... selanjutnya.

wak - Tajuk tu aku saje buat. untuk lahirkan expressi sebenar .... kah kah kah


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