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Sep 19, 2008

The Release

by Teressa Kok

They put you in a room small & cold,
wherein you cannot see light come & go.
Pray: Why did they treat you so?
Echo: The guilty ones have no soul!

If is brutal,
For the mortal;
If is mental,
Aim to hassel.

It was a nightmare for your family,
And it wasn’t easy for the many.
People are fully disgusted & angry,
At the current regime running on empty.

You didn’t bow and stayed noble,
You stood your ground & didn’t crumble.
They did every thing to create trouble,
They, in the end, threw in the towel.

Zaid said:”she is a great lady.”,
All of us know that already.
That’s why you get the “undi”
In Seputeh, Kinrara and the Party.

Welcome home, welcome back.
Time to put things on track.
Goodness defeats evil threats,
No fear, YB Teresa is BACK!


Anonymous said...

Coool brother, what a poem written.

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