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Sep 27, 2008

Selamat hari Jadi RPK

Hari ni di tahun 1950, lahirnya Raja Petra Kamaruddin yang di kenali sebagai Raja Petra@Pete. Sekarang sedang berada di Kemunting kerana undang undang Yahudi ISA yang menyekat komunis di hutan dari masuk bandar.

Sempena hari jadi beliau ... baca artikel yang ditulis oleh isterinya dalam pengalaman melawat Raja Petra di Kemunting baru baru ini ...

First Time To Kamunting Detention Centre
My first reaction was to run and give him a real big hug and kiss, at the same time my heart feeling so heavy seeing this hero of mine on the other side. Pet was sitting down and wearing white prison clothes. He has lost weight, looked very pale probably not seeing sunlight for almost 2 weeks now, his beard and hair growing longer.

At that point I had tears in my eyes but was trying really hard holding back my tears. I really did not want him to see me cry that would only make it really hard for him. I reached out to hold and rub his hands and did not let go for a minute. He was glad to see us because the last time we saw him was 8 days ago at Bukit Aman.

I asked him how he was coping and he said hard being under solitary confinement and it is for 3 months and after that only will he be able to interact with the other detainees. He will be moved into a dormitory where he will get to watch TV and read newspapers, New Straits Times and Utusan Malaysia.

He said he had 3 ustaz ( religious teacher) visit him this morning questioning about his religious knowledge and beliefs. The questioning was cut short cause of the family visit and would continue in the afternoon.

I told him to please be strong and don't let them get to him. I said "Honey they have got your body but not your mind and soul, hang in there love we've coming to get you. The Pakatan Rakyat is on track to takeover the government. Just give us a bit more time, ok?"

I told him that this time around there is a difference on the use of ISA and that he had made that difference. There is tremendous outcry on the use of ISA and that Political Parties within the Barisan Nasional, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim the Law Minister had even resigned for the use of the ISA, the thousands of well wishes and support I have received. People all over are praying and standing behind us on this struggle for change that he has started....read the rest.


radenjowo said...

Ada komen dari BARUA UMNO yang cukup perkauman. Dah gua delete. Jangan nak berangan rosakkan blog ni dengan isu isu perkauman. Kalau nak buat kerja bodoh yang selalu UMNO buat. Sila ke laman blog UMNO ...

Sini tak layan. Sorry bro.

wakakakakakak ...

Anonymous said...

hahaha ... shuld i laugh or shuld i cry? i dono

but bro , you were begging for it. now you got it. now you know. fire begets fire.

your butt is burnt.
you may never sit the same again!
you have no throne.

King Peter,
Kursi Illuminati

Anonymous said...

sekejap je tu. lepas anwar naik nanti, dia keluar. Kita masukkan orang UMNO kat dalam. Biar diorang tau apa makna ISA.

heheheheh ... UMNO tengah meracau tu wak !!!

Nal said...

ha ha ha...wat per delete beb...pe lak taku dia suk sini...biarlah...kite kan handal...kita ganyang lar die...hi hi

Nal said...

ha ha ha...RPK kat sana yer. T ko ikut lar sok sana, best gak kot.

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