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Oct 30, 2008

Eurocopter deal appears to have followed procedure

malaysianinsider | The Defence Ministry appears to have conformed to the guidelines on the tender process for the procurement of the Eurocopter, the Public Accounts Commitee (PAC) concluded today.

The Malaysian Insider understands that the PAC also found that the contract for the Eurocopters was between RM1.6 billion and RM1.7 billion, not the RM2.3 billion cited by Datuk Zahar Hashim in a letter to the Prime Minister.

Zahar is the chairman of Mentari Services Sdn Bhd, the local representative of a Russian helicopter company which also made a bid to replace the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Nuri helicopters.

His letter sparked off a controversy over the deal as it claimed Eurocopter had been awarded the contract even though it was the most expensive bid and that no proper evaluation was conducted.

The public outcry resulted in the PAC convening the inquiry which started today.

The PAC heard testimony from Defence Ministry officials today and appeared to be satisfied that proper guidelines were followed "on the surface.... selanjutnya.
Siapa PAC ... wakakakakak !!!
Rakyat kena tipu.


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