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Oct 25, 2008

Filipino with 'connections' gets Mykad - Suhakam

police abuse suhakam pc 050808 simon sipaunmalaysiatoday| ...Case No 1

A Filipino who had been arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) and deported a few years ago, had re-entered Sabah three weeks ago to collect his MyKad when informed it was ready.

He complained to Suhakam that the state NRD did not want to release the document because they found out that he had previously been detained under the ISA.

Asked by Suhakam officials how he managed to re-enter the state, he replied: “Entering Sabah is as easy as walking from CentrePoint (a shopping complex in Kota Kinabalu) to Kampung Air (across the road). I was not alone. There were 50 of us.”

Noted Sipaun (left): “Here we have a Filipino who said he had connections in the state NRD and it was through them that he had obtained a MyKad. And (yet) we have locals who have been waiting for years to get their MyKad.

“There is an urgent need to strengthen enforcement along Sabah’s border. Saying that the border is long and porous is inexcusable. Sarawak has a even longer border with Indonesia and yet its problems with illegal immigrants are not as severe.”... selanjutnya.


Anonymous said...

Jom gadai negara dengan UMNO dan BN !!!

armouris said...

kantoi tahap dewa!! apa kata penyokong umno??


Anonymous said...

malaysia boleh umno boleh

Unknown said...

Inilah balanya bila negara diurus oleh pengkhianat!

abe MIE 'TERJAH' said...

Inilah balanya bila negara diurus oleh pengkhianat!

siapa pengkianat?

anwar Ibrahim ke?

Unknown said...

Anwar Brahim dah jadi ketua pemerintah ke? Bila ye? Tak pulak saya tahu. Saya bodoh atau yang bertanya tu bangang!

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