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Oct 26, 2008

Kah kah kah ... bodohnya polis ni

A policeman and two of his friends who claimed to be Bukit Aman policemen were arrested after one of them allegedly punched and threatened a manager at a karaoke lounge in Senawang....

“One of the men stood up and said the karaoke owners did not give him face although they were all from Bukit Aman and that he would make life miserable for them,” said state MCA deputy youth chief Siow Koi Voon yesterday....

The policeman then took out several RM50 notes and threw it on the floor. However, the supervisor took just RM90 and returned the rest to the policeman, said Siow.

“The policeman had repeatedly told the workers that the entire group was from Bukit Aman and that he would act against the lounge if it operated after 1am. He even told the workers to have a good look at his face as he would be back with a vengeance.” - Star
Ramai kot yang sama cam ni .... tapi nasib mamat ni tak baik ...wwakakakaakaa.
Korang baca berita tu sampai .. habis. Kelakar giler ....


Unknown said...

Ini mesti anak jin afrit dari bukit aman yang bodoh tolol.

Orang macam ni patut diikat dan sedekahkan kepada Tok Rimau!

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