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Oct 6, 2008

Sabah population increases by 285%, whilst Malaysia's population iincreases by only 113% ?

charleshector.blogspot.com | There are BIG questions that the Barisan Nasional government, currently led by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has got to answer about Sabah's "new" citizens - persons who have since 30 years ago have suddenly become Malaysian citizens or have acquired PR Status. (Children where 1 parent has PR status are automatically citizens)

Many have called it an 'illegal migrant problem' - but I think that label causes confusion, which result in Migrant Rights and Human Rights groups reacting thinking that we are talking about the undocumented migrant/refugee problem. {I believe the BN government likes to use the term "illegal migrant proiblem" to the Sabah situation just to cause the confusion.....Recall to that the recent government response was arrest and deport the undocumented migrants ---- very evasive and certainly not looking at the the Sabah "new" citizen problem...}... selanjutnya.

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