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Nov 13, 2008

And this is why UMNO will die.

3rd article from Raja Petra after released .... shot through the heart.

Robespierre on freedom of the press
malaysiatoday | ....UMNO talks about the “Social Contract”. This is what Rousseau said in his “SOCIAL CONTRACT”. “All men and groups in positions of power have an interest apart from that of the people.” That was Rousseau's interpretation of the “Social Contract”. And that, too, is UMNO's version of the so-called “Social Contract” -- it means that those in power are looking after their own interests and not the interests of the rakyat.

And this is why the NEP has failed. The Malay “immigrants” abuse the NEP for their own benefit. The people do not really benefit. The gap between the haves and the have-nots has in fact widened. Do we really need a NEP that allows a minority in power to get rich at the expense of the majority?

In time, there will emerge a new struggle in Malaysia. And no, it will not be a racial affair. It is going to be a class struggle. It is going to be a clash between the oppressed and the oppressors. It is going to be a fight between the poor and the rich.

Salaries over the last 40 years have doubled. Starting pay, which 40 years ago was about RM350 per month, is now about RM750. But the cost of living has gone up 10-15 times. What used to cost RM3,000 40 years ago now costs RM50,000. What used to cost RM8,000 40 years ago now costs RM100,000. People can no longer afford basic necessities.

During my stint in the Kamunting detention center I asked my prison warders what their starting salaries are. They told me it is only RM800 per month. By the time they retire at the age of 58, after working more than 35 years, their salary will be only RM2,200 per month. What can they buy with RM800 per month? Before the middle of the month they are already broke. Most sit at their desk the entire duration of their 8-hour shift because they can't afford to go to the canteen for tea.
Those with families live in 900 square feet single-storey terrace houses which cost them RM60,000 plus. They shall still be paying the installments on these houses long into retirement. 900 square feet is smaller than the master bedroom in the houses of the elite. The common people -- the salaried workers -- have to settle for that as the size of their entire family home.... selanjutnya.


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