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Nov 4, 2008

Azalina kantoi

“When you were the youth and sports minister, you promised to set up a mini stadium and homestay programme in each parliamentary area but until now they have not been fulfilled even though we have provided the site,” said Anifah.

Anifah also questioned why several members of parliament did not received the application forms to set up the homestay programme in their areas.

In reply, Azalina said questions on the mini stadium issue should be addressed to the Youth and Sports Ministry.

“It would be up to the cabinet committee on sports development to decide on the matter, including whether to use the site suggested by the members,” she said.... selanjutnya.
Wakakakaka .... kalau Azalina pakai macam pompuan mungkin orang tak sampai hati nak tanya.
Wakakakaka ....


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