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Nov 24, 2008

Deputy minister grilled over toll deals

Star | ...Several opposition MPs also stood up, saying that they were unsatisfied with Yong’s replies on their queries on whether the toll rates would be reviewed.

Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN–Pasir Salak), known to enter into fiery verbal matches with opposition MPs, urged Yong to ask the Government if it could ask highway concessionaries to further reduce the toll rates.

“Maybe no one had realised that more motorists were using the highways now. The traffic rate has also increased tremendously to about six million vehicles at the tolled highways now.

“This means that the concessionaries will have billions in extra profit, which I think the Government can retake to help the people,” he added.... more.
Wakakakak ... menteri ni nak tipu rakyat Malaysia. Kenderaan bertambah banyak, tapi 10% diskaun waktu malam. Bodoh kira ke menteri ni? Wakakakakakak
Bodoh pun boleh jadi menteri ... wakakakak


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