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Nov 24, 2008

Increasing number of China women entering Malaysia

Sun2surf | Despite frequent raids on China women involved in the flesh trade, an increasing number of them are entering the country.

Immigration records show that an average of 1,286 Chinese women enter the country every day.
The department believes many of them are genuine tourists but some are here to look for their "pots of gold" by prostituting themselves.

A conservative estimate puts their earnings at RM10,000 a month each.

Immigration enforcement director Datuk Ishak Mohamed told Oriental Daily News in an interview that Chinese women make up the majority of those picked up in vice raid, followed by Thai nationals and Filipinas.

"Obviously, some of the Chinese women entering Malaysia on tourist visa are engaged in immoral activities," he said.

The department also discovered that these women would have made their quick bucks by the end of their month-long stay allowed before moving on to a neighbouring country to continue to ply their trade.... more.
Resepi untuk seminggu ....
Isnin - sea food
Selasa - mamak food
Rabu - makanan barat
Khamis - Tomyam
Jumaat - nasi lemak (makanan tempatan) ... jangan tidak. Cicah sikit. Tanggung jawab tu.
Sabtu - masakan indonesia.

Mewah duduk kat Malaysia ni ... macam macam masakan boleh rasa.


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