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Nov 7, 2008

Rep rapped for not tucking in shirt

Star | .... “I am not embarrassed and I have reasons to dress this way because I’m protesting against the suspension of (DAP) member of Kota Sentosa (Chong Chieng Jen),” he added.

Chong, who is also DAP national vice-chairman, was suspended by the assembly in May for failing to withdraw negative remarks made against Asfia.

He is still barred from attending the assembly.

When Barisan Nasional backbenchers voiced support after Asfia ordered Ng to leave the House, Ng remarked: “Don’t just bully when you think you have the numbers (majority seats in the state assembly).”

Asfia told Ng that he would only be allowed back when he was properly dressed.

As Ng packed up and prepared to leave, he quipped: “Thank you Speaker for chasing me out. I will be back.”... selanjutnya.


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