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Nov 25, 2008

Shahrir kata Rakyat Malaysia TAMAK !!!

Shahrir says Malaysians are greedy
| ...Datuk Shahrir Samad, the minister who has faced the brunt of criticism over oil prices, courted even more controversy today when he suggested Malaysians were greedy if they expected subsidies to continue.

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, whose job is to regulate prices, said subsidies are meant to only cushion the burden of high prices.

"When prices come down it will just be greed on the part of consumers to insist that they be subsidised," he said.

Shahrir's comments come as more Malaysians have accused the government of reneging on the promise to maintain a 30-sen subsidy on petrol and diesel.

While the government continues to subsidise diesel, it has stopped subsidies on petrol sales.

A quirk in the method in which pump prices are set and the steep drop in global oil prices have now resulted in the government collecting a "tax" through revenue gained from the difference between pump prices and the actual market price.... more.
Shahrir ... ala .... menteri talam dua muka. Dulu masa belum jadi menteri bukan main kokok lagi. Tapi bila dah jadi menteri ... barangnya tinggal kat rumah. Dalam laci .. .wakakakakak
Rakyat tamak atau kerajaan kedekut?


Unknown said...

Hei.. bongok! rakyat tamak atau kerajaan yang haloba atau memang menteri yang ngok.

Anonymous said...

Dahlah tak hensem...bodoh pulak tu.

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