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Nov 25, 2008

“yes to ISA” - that’s why no police??

Mentaljog | oh wow! a ‘yes to ISA’ t-shirt? great idea! i salute whoever comes out with it. it’s their rights to wear whatever t-shirt they like… just as i like to wear ‘no to ISA’ t-shirt. how come, though, sometime back, there was this man who was detained by police for wearing an ‘no to ISA’ t-shirt? how come during the anti-ISA vigil, ‘no to ISA’ t-shirts (and also RPK t-shirts) were not allowed?

ok maybe it is a little too premature to talk about the ‘yes to ISA’ t-shirt since this is the first time i came across it… but look at the 2nd picture - a gathering of more than 5 on the public road, obstructing traffic!!

this group of muslim NGOs, 500 of them, mind you!… held a gathering outside their meeting place at wisma sejarah (public place, once it is outside!), then march to the jalan tun razak police station.

WHOAA!! a gathering at a public place and a march? where the hell were the police? where the hell were the light strike action force (riot) police? why the hell none of them were arrested?... more.

Wakakakakak ... bodoh betul. Memang bodoh. Siapa yang bodoh?


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