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Nov 10, 2008

Songs That Are Banned

"Invisible Sun," The Police
A song about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the song received little airplay in the UK and the video was banned by the BBC and not shown on its chart programme "Top of the Pops".

"America," The Nice
this was banned in America by the composer Leonard Bernstein, also banned by the Royal Albert Hall for burning the American Flag during the number. info from Charisma Repeat Performance album BG1 1980
steve Harrington-Ellsmore

"Come Undone," Robbie Williams
Not only for sexual contents, nudity and violence, but disgusting insects coming out of actresses
Rocky Mak

"Brain Stew," Green Day
Banned by Clear Channel after 9/11

"Physical," Olivia Newton-John
Banned because of its suggestive lyrics.

"Money," Frank Zappa
Someone named Peter said that there's a Zappa song named Money from 1965. It doesn't exist and he was probably confusing it with "We're Only In it For The Money", which is not a song, but an album, and it was in fact heavily censored
.. selanjutnya.


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