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Dec 17, 2007


Soon Li Tsin/Malaysiakini | Dec 17, 07 12:41pm

Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail today dropped the attempted murder charge against 31 Hindraf supporters who were alleged to have gathered illegally and caused severe injury to a policeman at the Batu Caves temple in the early hours of Nov 25.

However further charges of causing mischief and illegal assembly against 26 of them remained.

Five students were among the 31 people and charges of causing mischief and illegal assembly against them were dropped today.

The 26 have pleaded guilty to the charges of causing mischief and illegal assembly today and will be sentenced on Dec 27. They have been offered a bail of RM500 with a surety each.

In all 31 Hindraf supporters were charged with attempted murder of a policeman and they have been in remand since Dec 4 after being denied bail.

Representations were made by several Indian-based political parties, including MIC and MIC and some Indian-based non-government organisations for the attempted muder charge to be dropped against the 31.

No2umnO - Hah.....akur Gani akur perintah Pak Lah. Lembu terus jadi lembu. Pelepasan langkah yang baik tapi jelas kerajaan sudah bingung, Pak lah sudah pening, Gani sudah gabra, UMNO sudah melalut.


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