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Dec 22, 2007

Attention to All Malaysian

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Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) have submitted their dissatisfaction against the ruling government Barisan Nasional, lead by Umno. That’s the actual fact, but a lot of Malaysians have misunderstood on what’s happening over here. Most of us have the thought that Hindraf is against the Malays. Meanwhile its not, they are against the discrimination of their community who have been suffering for the past 50 years, obviously the special privileges given by the government to the Malays came as a comparison. Hindraf is against the rules and privileges (which are not fair at all) allocated by the government and not against the Malays itself. Hope you all have noted the actual truth.

Malaysia is well known as a multiracial country, we lived as brothers and sisters for decades under one roof, and nobody can deny it. I am sure we are still living as the same. As soon as the Indians wake up to raise their voice for their rights as a Malaysian, the statement above comes to a question mark. This is a big misunderstanding among us (Malaysian) happened. Most of us assume that Hindraf is trying to create racial disharmony among Malaysians. In fact there is no such thing happened, they did not claim anything racial or against our Malays. I would like to request to you all, please do not post comments (anywhere) which are offending any races. By doing that you are contributing for the things to be more critical.

Well, the person to be blamed for this is none other than our respected Malaysian mass media. Almost every local channel in Malaysia aired fake news regarding the Hindraf rally as well as the following updates. The real culprits behind the scenes are local politicians. All the Malaysian has been fooled by the game played by your politicians to secure their position. The media is under full control of the politicians, it’s totally against their profession. If any foreign media reveal the truth, they will condemn them by saying that they are creating hype or producing fake news.


HRW LogoI could say that, there is no such artist could have a greater imagination than our government. What a superb trick to put the 5 activist under ISA, hats off to you all. BUT where is the truth? Maybe you don’t need a truth, because the court is under your control too. I really appreciate their effort to “decorate” a peaceful gathering, as a group of peoples linked to terrorists. Once again they have used the media to spread the stupid news and fool the Malaysian. Even tough they are producing fake news, please don’t ever let you involved in terrorism and provide proof for their story. Ahimsai vellum nanba!!

The latest trick of the government is to “scare” the Indians by creating hype that Hindraf have the links to terrorism and trying to back them off. To the Barisan peoples who are reading this, the era of uneducated Indians who lived in the estates and keep on nodding for your words is gone. We gone through the revolution, no more uneducated stupid Indians are here; don’t expect us to be your slave anymore.

On the other hand, our politicians plays another game with the Malays by inciting (menghasut) them that Indians are being racist and trying to undertake the privileges given to them. “The anger of the Malays is under control” and “Kami tidak akan teragak-agak untuk mengambil parang” both of these headlined statement given by the racist political crooks, who were blaming that Hindraf is racist. The purpose for those statements is, to boost up the spirit of the Malays to against Hindraf as well as Indians and grow the anger of Indians against the Malays. I just get to know that inciting is also a part of a politician’s job.

For the Malaysians, please do not let yourself fooled by the political tricks of the politicians. We are matured and educated enough to judge the truth and lies. Hindraf have approached in a peaceful way, but the politicians of the ruling government who are scared of losing their seats, have blamed them and charge them with irrelevant cases. Last but not least, again I would like to insist that don’t let yourself confused, Hindraf and the followers are not against the Malays brothers and sisters. We are against the government (including MIC) who are being so cruel and discriminating the Indian community. Don’t simply believe the words of the politicians, better to be named as liars. Now we have realized the reality behind our government and their nasty games, one day you people (BN fanatic supporters) will also realize it.

BY: Kumaresh-n


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